EXP Meetings at the Radisson Blu Hotel GRT

EXP Meetings at the Radisson Blu Hotel GRT

Upgrade to EXP meetings.

01 Jan,

Located only a few minutes from the Chennai International Airport, Radisson Blu Hotel GRT is a hotbed of business activity.Having worked with the who's of the corporate world,we felt the pressing need to remodel the fundamental ABC's of business meetings.

Our solution?

Presenting 'EXP Meetings', a revolutionary concept that helps you make the leap from simply having a meeting to truly experiencing them. Abandoning every boring business conference norm there is, 'EXP meetings' are designed to stimulate your creative and analytical juices for increased efficiency and productivity.A wide range of painstakingly designed components are employed in 'EXP Meetings'. The Breakout Room,designed to elevate efficiency and spark creativity is complemented by warm_up boxing sessions and indoor games. The Brain Food Menu, conceived by our worldwide network of chefs and nutritionists,keeps you motivated and stimulated throughout the meeting. When you decide to take a breather, the re-energizing spa employs express reflexology techniques to stimulate your mind and charge you up for the rest of the day. Also on offer are attractive rates for internet access with Wi-Fi routers installed in every Breakout Room to ensure your connectivity needs are never compromised. With all these innovative features in play,'EXP Meetings' are truly the obvious choice to make when you want to get the job done and done well. So head over to Radisson Blu Hotel GRT, and experience new-age business conferencing with your very own 'EXP Meetings'.