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GRT Bodhi Spa

Our minds and bodies always deserve a break after a busy week of work. A part of feeling productive and content overall is allowing ourselves to relax. It can be hard to do especially with work and family commitments. This is why the GRT Team have designed and curated varied health benefit-packed massage therapy treatments to help you relax and get rid of that stress!

The summer heat can be harsh, so why not relieve your skin through Aloe vera body therapy? Or make your body feel rejuvenated through a spirulina mud wrap? Either treatment can be ended the right way through a steam sauna treatment that will open up your pores and help you feel rejuvenated. You can enjoy all of these treatments and more with your loved ones at Bodhi Spa from April 1st - June 30th 2023 located in many prestigious GRT properties like Radisson Blu, GReaT Trails & Grand Hotels.

Watch our I Care video or check out our I Care Manual where you can take a detailed look at all the safety measures we have in place to ensure your safety.