Yellove Reloaded

Yellove Reloaded

What better way to celebrate your solidarity with our heroes at Chennai Super Kings, than to watch them in action in a room full of fellow supporters? But what if there’s more?

Well, there is. Grand Chennai by GRT hotels and Radisson Blu Hotel GRT Chennai are bringing you just that. You and your friends get to experience the excitement in all its pomp and grandeur, with surprise RJ interactions and treats before the match begins.

With delicious dishes and a variety of drinks to wade through, there is no way you’re going to want to miss out on this grand celebration. ‘Yellove Reloaded’ is no mere name; we’re bringing you an exciting ‘live’ package of fun, action, delicacies, and drinks this IPL season. Soak in all the magical vibes as you cheer on the battle for brilliance in the field.

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