Dive Into Delicious Seafood With Dakshin

Dive Into Delicious Seafood With Dakshin

There’s nothing quite like enjoying a beautiful view of the coast with your friends and family while enjoying delicious seafood. Dakshin multi-cuisine restaurant, Regency Kanchipuram, by GRT Hotels, is bringing you an unforgettable seafood carnival. From the 5th to the 31st of May, you get to experience coastal bliss.

Our exotic seafood dishes boast rich coastal flavors; what we’re promising is much more than a meal - it’s a coastal feast that will hit all the right spots. A culinary delight that lingers is rare; a seafood extravaganza, is even more so.

If that sounds exciting to you, get in touch with us right away and book yourself a table. Here comes a coastal experience you will most certainly remember for a long time!

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