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Radisson Blu Hotel Chennai by GRT Hotels

At Regency Tirunelveli by GRT Hotels, we have put together a holiday with the luxury of comfort and tranquillity far away from your mundane world.

It's time to relax and enjoy some downtime to lift your mood. To delight your taste buds, we have prepared a delectable breakfast and a special lunch that will be served in your room. You'll have a relaxed holiday with complimentary accommodation upgrades, Wifi, and 24-hour check-in/ check-out. We have a free cancellation policy to back up your last-minute change of plans, in addition to our flexible pay-on-arrival function.

Come, experience a splendid vacation that elevates your holiday mood with Regency Tirunelveli by GRT Hotels.

Watch our I Care video or check out our I Care Manual where you can take a detailed look at all the safety measures we have in place to ensure your safety.