The Ragi Koozh & Kali Combos

The Ragi Koozh & Kali Combos

Nothing like a chill, delicious drink to cool you down on a hot summer afternoon. Picture this: the coolness of the drink, in stark contrast to the weather outside, hits your lips; you catch the richness of different flavours in your tongue; and suddenly you’re completely at ease and relaxed. Can you think of a better way to combat the sweltering heat?

This summer, Amudham multi-cuisine restaurant, Regency Tiruttani, by GRT hotels, is turning that promise into an unforgettable experience. The Koozh fest brings you an array of different chill drinks to cool the system. The Ragi Koozh and Kazhi Combos are specially put together to quench your thirst and leave you thoroughly satisfied. Here comes the holy grail of summer drink festivals.

What are you waiting for? Hurry up, get in touch, grab your beloved drink and chill down the summer!

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