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Food Signs, The Astro-Ayurveda Recipes from GRT Hotels and Resorts

During this festival of lights, we at GRT Hotels and Resorts are proud to present: 'Food Signs, The Astro-Ayurveda Recipes', an exquisite culinary delight. Aligning the stars of your health and wellness. Click here to download the free e-book
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With your well being at the center of our focus, our chefs have put together a stunning book, which contains recipes that combine Astrology and Ayurveda to give you the best of both worlds. Diwali is a vibrant time filled with abundant love and celebration, and this year, let's celebrate good health! This festive occasion, we bring you recipes that honour age-old traditions and use natural and healthy ingredients. This first-of-its-kind book features distinct recipes catering to each individual's perception of taste affected by other planets' gravity.
Each recipe in this book is created to help prop up your immunity with easy-to-recreate meals based on the unique affinities of each zodiac sign, with a specific focus on various organs to offer you the best.
We believe one can truly discover one's true potential and we hope, through this book, you find yours. Wishing you a safe and happy Diwali!
Bon Appétit!

Chennai's finest - Radisson Blu Hotel GRT Chennai gets an upgrade

Over the last decade and more, Radisson Blu Hotel GRT Chennai has catered excellence and luxury to all its guests. Chennai’s most premier hotel is now taking a break and will officially be suspending operations as on the 10th of October, 2020 to offer everyone a revolutionary and novel experience when you step back in.
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As we bid adieu, we will no longer be taking reservations for rooms, banquets and restaurants until we return. As a connoisseur of all things premiere, we’re taking a hiatus before you bring you a more refined, upgraded and futuristic experience that exudes absolute luxury, adapting seamlessly to the new normal.
Every dining experience we have created for you in our signature restaurants - The Great Kabab Factory, Blu Hickey Bistro, Salt.Co.531 and Salt Lick by Gallop have been nothing short of a gastronomical delight. The signature spa therapies at our award-winning spa at the gentle hands of our spa experts pamper your mind, body and soul.
Committed to our promise of always offering more, we will be as always, excited to welcome you back to a contemporary, avant-garde experience with the unmatched GRT hospitality when we return.

SGS rates COVID-19 Safety Protocols at Grand Chennai by GRT Hotels EXCELLENT

Our COVID-19 safety protocols at Grand Chennai by GRT Hotels have been honoured with an EXCELLENT rating from the SGS. SGS is the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company. They are recognized as the global benchmark for quality and integrity.
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Adapting to the new normal efficiently and diligently, we tailored COVID-19 safety protocols that are redefining industry standards. We made your safety our number one priority and this EXCELLENT rating is a reflection of the same. Experience the unparalleled hospitality of GRT Hotels and Resorts you have always loved, now with the luxury of absolute safety to ensure you're protected every step of the way.
You can take a detailed look at all the meticulous measures we have adopted to ensure your time with us is absolutely safe for you in a completely hygienic environment. Click here to look at our ICare Manual or watch our ICare Video where we walk you through all the exceptional safety protocols we have in place

GRT Hotels and Resorts are all set to welcome you to your favourite destinations across South India.

A lot has changed over the last few months but our enthusiasm remains unchanged. We’re beyond excited to welcome you back to your favourite destinations across South India while following all the required safety norms and much more for a safe, secure and simply extravagant stay with us.
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We invite you to experience the unparalleled GRT hospitality you’ve come to love, now with your safety as our number one priority. Contactless check-in and check-out, frequent sanitisation of your rooms and all common access spaces, and very stringent hygiene and safety protocols while preparing and delivering food are just some of the safety measures we have in place.
Watch our I Care video or check out our I Care manual where you can take a detailed look at all the safety measures we have in place to ensure your safety.
Don’t spend another minute worrying and set aside your lockdown blues with an exquisite experience that’s safer than ever before. We have fabulous Staycation and Daycation packages we’ve specially curated just for you. Keep checking your emails for more exciting updates and make sure you don’t miss out on them! So, let's get back to making memories together once again here at GRT Hotels and Resorts.

Gourmet food at your doorsteps with GRT Cloud Kitchens

With the aim of bringing incredible food to more people across the city and making sure delicious meals are available easier than ever, GRT Hotels and Resorts has started its brand new venture, GRT Cloud Kitchens opened in T.Nagar and GST Road, Chennai. To indulge in GRT Cloud Kitchens’ delicious meals, and for direct takeaways, visit its exclusive website, To place orders, call 9840451377 / 7358774834
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With delectable meals and an exciting menu taking the best out of everyone's favorite restaurants like J. Hind, Bazaar, The Great Kabab Factory, and The Wharf 2.0, GRT Cloud Kitchens is all about enabling everyone digital access to the flavors of the world. Relish the taste of India with some mouthwatering biryani, or simply indulge and experience exquisite Continental flavors, GRT Cloud Kitchens has it all covered.
GAlso keeping in mind everyone's safety during the current situation, GRT Cloud Kitchens is completely sanitized, having implemented well-researched and accepted measures to ensure the food is 100% safe and is also ensuring food is delivered with the utmost care following all precautions. Watch the I Care video or check out the I Care manual to take a look at all the safety measures put in place.

Grand Chennai by GRT Hotels and Resorts got 5-stars grander!

Grand Chennai by GRT Hotels and Resorts is ecstatic to announce that it has been accredited with a 5-star rating from the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India!
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GRT Hotels and Resorts has always ensured that guests feel at home, with warm hospitality coupled with the best services, and has always treated every guest as family. To receive this recognition and to go from being a 4-star hotel to an exemplary 5-star hotel is an honor, largely owing to the unparalleled support of all its staff, patrons, well-wishers and stakeholders, and of course, its guests.
Grand Chennai by GRT Hotels and Resorts is immensely happy and eager to welcome everyone back to enjoy unmatched comfort of exceptional hospitality, and to be treated like royalty.

Radisson Bengaluru City Center, a unit of GRT Hotels and Resorts is all set to welcome you back

We are all stoked to let you know that we’re finally open! All this while, we’ve been relentlessly working to welcome you back, because we’ve missed having you here.
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Your health is our priority, and we’re making sure all our staff are trained to follow all safety protocols.
We can’t wait to have you back, to enjoy the GRT hospitality you love, now in a much safer environment. Let us together welcome life back in full colors.
To view the detailed list of procedures followed, CLICK HERE

All geared to open our doors: GRT Hotels and Resorts are ready to welcome guests post-lockdown

GRT Hotels and Resorts, in the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic is all set to open its doors to welcome guests back, making sure their safety and wellness is our priority. Here are a few of the practices adopted as part of the Standard Operating Procedure to welcome guests to the new normalcy. To view the detailed list of procedures followed, CLICK HERE
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1. Temperature check at the entrance will be carried out for all guests compulsorily.
2. Masks and hand sanitizers can be collected from the Sanitization Desk that have been specially opened at GRT Hotels and Resorts.
3. Every surface in and around the hotels will be cleaned every hour, and the staff have been instructed to wear masks and gloves.
4. Guest rooms are disinfected and sanitized, and specially created immunity booster kits are placed in every room for the guests’ health and safety.
5. Restaurants and bars have been rearranged to adhere to social distancing guidelines, and staff have been trained to follow the norms.
6. Fitness Centers will be opened in only select locations, and all equipment handles and seat covers will be disinfected after use periodically.
7. Elevators will be sanitized regularly, and to ensure social distancing, all elevators will have special markings to act as guide to help guests stand inside.

The GRT Group joins the fight against COVID-19 by contributing Rs. 1.25 Crores to the Chief Minister’s Public Relief Fund

In an act of goodwill to fight against the rising pandemic, the GRT Group which includes GRT Hotels and Resorts and GRT Jewellers, contributed a sum of Rs. 1.25 crores to the Chief Minister’s Public Relief Fund (CMPRF) to combat COVID-19. Apart from this, every GRT employee will be contributing a day’s worth salary to the fund as well.
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The contribution will help the Government provide hospitals with extra facilities like beds and ventilators, and to also help the doctors and nurses get equipment to be able to deal with patients without putting their lives at risk. Apart from this, the money would also go to providing food to help the daily wage workers, construction workers as well as farmers who have their lives affected by the situation.

Going beyond humans: GRT Hotels and Resorts take the initiative to feed the strays

In the midst of the raging pandemic, where humans are scrambling to get under safety, staff of GRT Hotels and Resorts teamed up with animal volunteers to feed the stray dogs in and around the streets of Chennai.
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The staff of Radisson Blu GRT, Chennai along with animal volunteers came together and distributed 100 portions of chicken and rice to the strays in various parts of the city. Their efforts attracted support from other hotels, and soon there was a team, all ready to help the strays.
With support from hotels like Green Park Hotel and Residency Towers, the combined effort enabled the feeding of over 600 dogs in and around the various streets of Chennai.

GRT Hotels and Resorts provide a safe haven for their employees during the lockdown

The fight against this pandemic will only be successful if we take all necessary precautions, prevent the spread and stay indoors to ensure personal safety and that of others. The health and safety of the employees is of utmost importance.
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Some of GRT Hotel’s employees didn’t get the opportunity to return to their hometowns across the country before the commencement of the lockdown. Keeping their welfare in mind, during these difficult times, they were offered the option to stay within the premises.
All GRT Hotels are currently closed for business, but the banquet halls and rooms in all the properties have been opened for their employees. They’re also providing them good, healthy food and keeping morale high.
If guests are God, employees are angels is the philosophy they stand by. The staff are an integral part of the business and they continue to extend their support to them in a time of crisis like this. All the employees are in good health and they continue to ensure that by urging them to stay indoors and safe.

Grand Chennai by GRT Hotels offers food to the people stranded in Chennai

The COVID-19 pandemic has put the world in a standstill. Currently, the Chennai City Corporation has been giving people from other parts of the country who are stranded in the city, a place to stay in the community centre nearby.
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Grand Chennai by GRT Hotels has offered to provide all of them with wholesome food (480 gram box plus a bottle of water)— chicken biryani, jeera pulao and egg roast in this time of need. Though all GRT Hotels are currently closed for business, they’re freshly preparing food within the premises for the ones who really require it.
What started as an initiative with 600 food packets per day on March 27, has now grown to over 2300 meals per day. All essential cleanliness protocols have been put in place to make sure that the food preparation process and the ingredients are extremely clean, hygienic, and safe.
GRT Hotels believe that we all need to support and take care of each other to get through this pandemic in good health and ensure that all of us are protected. This is one of the several initiatives by GRT Hotels in the fight against this pandemic.

Keeping the guests safe: What GRT Hotels and Resorts is doing to help

Considering the severity of the COVID-19 outbreak, keeping the safety of the guests in mind, a core team has been formed, taking advice directly from the World Health Organization and other experts on the best practices to be followed to limit the spread of the virus across all of GRT’s hotels and resorts. All preventive measures have been taken in accordance to the International Guidelines to maintain cleanliness and hygiene.
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Here are some of the measures taken:
Screening of guests: Guests are screened for abnormal body temperatures with a non-invasive laser thermometer.
Hand sanitizers throughout: Hand sanitizers have been placed at every part of the hotel, from the reception to the restaurants, the meeting rooms and even the restrooms.
asks and gloves for all housekeeping staffs: They’ve been instructed to wear masks and gloves especially during turndown service.
Disinfected washrooms: All washrooms are being frequently washed and cleaned using highly effective disinfectants.
Staff cleanliness: All the staff have been instructed to maintain cleanliness and wash their hands regularly.

Not all heroes wear capes: Staff of Regency by GRT Hotels and Resorts aiding those in need

Working tirelessly for 14 hours, the staff of Regency by GRT Hotels and Resorts all around Tamil Nadu provided food supplies to stranded people and police officials, aiding them in this time of need.
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Regency Sameera Vellore supplied 500 packets of food, breakfast and dinner for the 250 stranded people and police officials all gathered at the Collector’s Office.
Similarly, Regency Madurai, while closed for visitors was also doing their part to help out the people in need by providing 300 meals, both lunch and dinner to the police officials at the Police Commissioner’s Office.
Regency Tirunelveli also contributed by providing lunch meals for 500 people at the Collector’s Office.

Art on a Plate - 2020

True to its name, the recipe book by GRT Hotels and Resorts is really art on a plate. The age-old recipes honoring our tradition and roots are a mouthwatering delight and are delicacies to uphold and preserve for years to come.
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Inspired by the kitchens of the yesteryears, these recipes will bring back the forgotten era where flavor and health trumped all. From a delicious “Kavuni Arisi Halwa” to a delectable “Eral Puttu”, these fine and simple recipes are sure to be a win at home. Give your palette the classical flavors of the bygone days.
Scan the QR code to download the recipe book to get your art on a plate and connect with your roots.

Great Trails Kodaikanal By GRT Hotels has won at the WeddingSutra Honeymoon Awards 2018 under the category Top Affordable Hotels_Resort (India)

The WeddingSutra Honeymoon Awards 2018 are aimed to identify the most romantic, luxe hot spots in the world. Whether its swoon-worthy hotels and resorts, the top cruise lines for couples, inexpensive honeymoon ideas or unexpected honeymoon-worthy destinations - with the help of our jury we have made a bucket list for honeymoons and those planning romantic travel.
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In a list that included swoon-worthy hotels and resorts, the top cruise lines for couples, inexpensive, innovative ideas and off-the-beaten-track destinations - the Awards identified the most romantic, luxe hot spots in the world with the help of a jury that brought profound insight in the areas of tourism and hospitality.
The WeddingSutra Honeymoon Awards was conceived with the aim to acquaint couples with the most remarkable destinations for their romantic escape. With the help of a discerning and well-travelled jury, we proudly present the most coveted names in the romantic travel segment for 2018. We hope the standard they have set will only inspire many more to contest them in the following year,” said Parthip Thyagarajan, Co-founder and CEO
As the most trusted media platform catering to the wedding niche, with a 2 million strong social media following, WeddingSutra recognized the best travel offerings targeted at couples. The announcement of the Awards was met with an overwhelming response from hotels, resorts, tourism boards and cruise lines all over the globe.

GRT Hotels and Resorts launches Radisson Bengaluru City Center

GRT Group is pleased to unveil its first establishment in Bengaluru – Radisson Bengaluru City Center (RBCC). RBCC is a chic, boutique hotel located in the heart of the city, proximal to the city’s prime and busy locales. Targeted at the modern business traveller, this hotel is a perfect blend of style, space and comfort. Spread across 7 floors are 90 guest rooms, each with the aesthetic furnishings that resonate with the ethos of the GRT group.
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The hotel has a roof-top open air pool with an amazing view of the city. The Fitness Studio is fully equipped and accessible to our guests 24 X 7. The property also houses two meeting rooms and a boardroom that can be used for social gatherings or corporate events. Bodhi Spa offers wholesome treatments and therapies that replenish the mind and rejuvenate the soul. Slow food co. 2 is the first of its kind restaurant in Bengaluru that practises the art of slow cooking.
plush rooms, a one of its kind restaurant, an elegant ambience, a rooftop pool and an award-winning spa – RBCC has it all. The hotel is located on Gangadhar Chetty Rd, Ulsoor.

GRT Hotels & Resorts Steps Foot in Tirunelveli with the launch of Regency Tirunelveli by GRT Hotels

GRT is proud to launch its first property in Tirunelveli – Regency Tirunelveli by GRT Hotels. Located in the heart of the city on Trivandrum Road, the hotel is in close proximities to both the Railway station and Bus stop.
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64 modern, themed, and aesthetically designed rooms make this property one of the best of its kind in Tirunelveli. All rooms are furnished with contemporary amenities and a fully-equipped gym is available to guests.
Naadody - an elegant cycle themed multi-cuisine restaurant, and Bulls & Bells - an informal bar, are the two restaurants on the property. Patrons can savour in-room dining round the clock. The hotel also houses a banquet space that can accommodate up to 50 people ideal for corporate events and social gatherings.

Radisson Blu Resort Temple Bay Mamallapuram Launches Wharf 2.0

Our seaside restaurant has received a brand-new makeover. Wharf 2.0 sports a fresh, new look and boasts of a varied menu inspired by the elements of nature.
Located within the resort premises, right on the sandy beach, the restaurant offers a magnificent view of the UNESCO World Heritage Shore Temple monument and the sparkling waters of the Bay of Bengal. The outdoor open shacks give a relaxed vibe and the nature-inspired menu serves to complement the entire Bohemian experience.
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The revamped menu at Wharf 2.0 caters to a delectable range of dishes. Some of the delicacies on the menu include Plank-grilled bourbon and honey salmon with seasonal vegetables, mushroom and smoked mozzarella empanadas, slow roasted duck breast with honey and herb jus, Afghani angare jhinga, and gulab jamun cheesecake with green tea moss and wild berry. Guests can pick their own pasta combinations, or meat and sauce combinations, with pairing wines to go with them all. A range of tikkas, roasts and fried sides are available and can be ordered by the sticks or dozens.

Soul Food Chronicles at GRT

In the annual calendar launch called the “Soul Food Chronicles” conducted by GRT, a number of guests joined in for an afternoon filled with luscious food and oodles of fun. The event was a “White Brunch” that had people dressed up in white, sticking to the dress code. The signature chefs at GRT cooked up a menu, featuring “prasadam” from 12 different temples across the country, that embodied the spirit of the place it comes from. “We’re excited to share the Soul Food Chronicles, showcasing recipes rich in culture to our guests,” said Vikram Cotah

Radisson Blu Resort Temple Bay Mamallapuram Wins Two World Luxury Hotel Awards.

Earlier this year, Radisson Blu Resort Temple Bay Mamallapuram’s signature spa (Bodhi Spa) won an award under the Country Winner category at the World Luxury Spa Awards 2017. We are now excited to announce that the resort is the proud winner of two prestigious awards at the World Luxury Hotel Awards. The awards were received by our team at an event conducted in Switzerland attended by people from around the world. The resort backed the awards for Country Winner – Luxury Beach Resorts and Luxury Wedding Destination.
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The World Luxury Hotel Awards serves as a platform to set standards for hotels across the globe and provide recognition to hotels that meet these standards. The World Luxury Hotel Awards is the pinnacle of achievements any hotel could aim for, an Oscar for hotels if we may. The winners are voted annually by the public across 99 different categories which include the brand, location of the place, quality of service, reviews etc. and the votes are collected through various platforms.
Elango Rajendran, General Manager at Radisson Blu Resort Temple Bay said “Our resort is right on the beach, a stone’s throw from the UNESCO World Heritage sites of Mamallapuram. Our endeavour is to offer experiences that complement the serenity and beauty of the sprawling property, so guests have the most incredible and memorable getaways. We’re elated at this coveted recognition.”
“This award is a testament to our fantastic teams who work round the clock to ensure world-class service and guest satisfaction. We are among the most stunning beach resorts, and therefore are a sought-after wedding destination as well,” said Vikram Cotah – COO, GRT Hotels & Resorts.
We are deeply honoured to have been recognised for the services we strive hard to make sure are nothing less than perfect, and couldn’t feel more grateful for all the love and support.

Winner of World Luxury Spa Awards 2017

The 10th edition of “World Luxury Hotel Awards” was conducted at the splendid St. Regis Doha, Qatar recently. The event hosted 350 delegates and echelons of the hospitality industry from the world over, to be recognised for their remarkable performance and unparalleled service. Radisson BLU Resort Temple Bay Mamallapuram bagged the award for “Country Winner, India - Luxury Beach Resort.” This award serves as a testament to the exemplary experience guests are treated to, at the resort. The selection process involves a jury consisting of officials with a profound experience in the industry, that take into consideration people’s votes and a plethora of other factors before settling on a decision.
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Mr Elango Rajendran, General Manager, Radisson Blu Temple Bay Mamallapuram said, “World Luxury Hotel Awards is the pinnacle of recognition of accomplishment by a Hotel/Resort in the luxury hospitality industry. This recognition is given for earning the respect of Guests and Industry Players. The uniqueness is that the Award is the hotel / Resort is nominated by a panel of industry experts and finally, voting is done by the public who have experienced the hotel/resort. Winning a World Luxury Hotel Award, will not only inspire the confidence of guests, the respect of industry players and retain a loyal clientele in these highly competitive times, but will also stimulate continuous growth and development of the hotel/resort. We won the recognition from over 2000 nominees under various categories from all over the world.”
It is a real honour for to have been recognised for the conscious facilities and nothing-less-than-perfect experiences we spare no effort to provide our guests with. We express utmost gratitude for all the love and support.

EXP Meetings at the Radisson Blu Hotel GRT

Located only a few minutes from the Chennai International Airport, Radisson Blu Hotel GRT is a hotbed of business activity.Having worked with the who's of the corporate world,we felt the pressing need to remodel the fundamental ABC's of business meetings. Our solution?
Presenting 'EXP Meetings', a revolutionary concept that helps you make the leap from simply having a meeting to truly experiencing them.
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Abandoning every boring business conference norm there is, 'EXP meetings' are designed to stimulate your creative and analytical juices for increased efficiency and productivity.A wide range of painstakingly designed components are employed in 'EXP Meetings'. The Breakout Room,designed to elevate efficiency and spark creativity is complemented by warm_up boxing sessions and indoor games. The Brain Food Menu, conceived by our worldwide network of chefs and nutritionists,keeps you motivated and stimulated throughout the meeting. When you decide to take a breather, the re-energizing spa employs express reflexology techniques to stimulate your mind and charge you up for the rest of the day. Also on offer are attractive rates for internet access with Wi-Fi routers installed in every Breakout Room to ensure your connectivity needs are never compromised. With all these innovative features in play,'EXP Meetings' are truly the obvious choice to make when you want to get the job done and done well. So head over to Radisson Blu Hotel GRT, and experience new-age business conferencing with your very own 'EXP Meetings'.