We at GRT Hotels and Resorts are doing everything to ensure your safety remains our priority. Experience the comfort of safety and enjoy unparalleled excellence with us. Click the button below to get a detailed look at all the safety measures we’ve adopted to welcome every single one of our guests to the new normal.

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It is hard to determine the true impact of this pandemic until the dust settles and the virus is completely contained, but until then, the GRT group of Hotels has prepared to come out of this stronger than ever. To win this battle, it is essential that we fight this together. We are working tirelessly and has left no stone unturned when offering our services. We want to ensure the best and safest stay for our dear Guests.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Frequently Asked Questions

1. I have some of the symptoms of COVID-19. Should I consult my doctor?

Yes, you should consult your doctor. Meanwhile, isolate yourself in self-quarantine to stay safe.

2. What should I do when people at home or my neighbours have Coronavirus or display symptoms of Coronavirus?

If they show symptoms, please advice them to consult the doctor immediately. Till then, advice them to quarantine themselves in a separate room.

3. Where can I get tested for COVID-19?

Government approved hospitals and select private hospitals.

4. What is the immediate action to take after one gets tested positive for COVID-19?

If it is at home, throughly disinfect the house, and all the members who stayed with him/her should quarantine themselves for 14 days. If anyone shows any symptoms, they should visit the hospital as soon as possible.

5. What is asymptomatic in COVID 19?

It means a person doesn't show any symptoms of COVID-19, but he/she still tests positive.

6. Can I seek medical help for health concerns other than the Coronavirus, such as diabetes or dental procedures?

Yes, you can seek medical help.

7. What are the precautions that need to be taken while going out to buy essentials?

Always wear a face mask and maintain social distancing.

8. Can I eat cold food?

Yes, you can eat cold food.

9. Can I eat eggs and non-vegetarian food?

Yes, you can eat eggs and non-vegetarian food.

10. Is it safe to eat food from outside or order takeaway food?

It is better to order take away and eat at home, so that we always maintain social distancing.

11. How do I disinfect surfaces? How do I disinfect my house?

At GRT Hotels we use VIREX 256, a Diversey product which is approved by CDC (Center for disease control - USA) for disinfecting surfaces.

12. How do I sanitize my gadgets?

At home you can use cotton wool rubbed with sanitizers to sanitize gadgets. Make sure your gadgets are not hot since sanitizers contain alcohol.

13. What are the hygeinic practices adopted by GRT Hotels and Resorts to disinfect rooms?

All chemicals we use are from Diversey, we use VIREX 256 which is approved by CDC (Center for disease control - USA) for disinfecting rooms.

14. Is it safe to travel after the lockdown?

Always follow local government's advice for safe travel after lockdown.

15. What are the safety measures taken at the spas of GRT Hotels and Resorts for the post-pandemic phase?

The staff are given all PPE's and are trained to maintain social distancing to safeguard themselves and guests from COVID 19. We use VIREX 256 to disinfect all therapy rooms, all linen are taken seperately to the laundry and are put straight into the machine. The staff are trained to sanitize their hands before and after the therapy.

16. What are the safety measures taken at GRT Hotels and Resorts' gym for the post-pandemic phase?

We maintain Social distancing norms strictly at gym. All equiments are sanitized by VIREX 256 after every guest use. The staff are all given PPE's as part of their uniforms and are trained well on the symptoms of COVIS 19. If any guests have symptoms, they will not be allowed to use the facility.

17. Is it advisable to travel in public transport?

Kindly follow the norms prescribed the government.