A Spectacular Sunrise Spread

A Spectacular Sunrise Spread

Exposing yourself to sunlight for a few minutes a day can do wonders for your well-being. Meeting the delight of sunrise is not about expecting perfection in your day - it’s about acceptance and being closer to nature. And what better way to start your day and get some energy going, than with a wholesome meal that is natural and prepared for your well-being?

Naadody multi-cuisine restaurant, Regency Tirunelveli, by GRT hotels, is turning the promise of a hearty, wholesome meal into a reality with our Spectacular Sunday Spread, a sumptuous buffet boasting the finest South Indian delicacies. Every dish is meticulously chosen as part of a curation process to bring you a symphony of flavours without an iota of compromise on the nutritional value of the entire spread.

This is one treat you don’t want to miss. Elevate your morning with every morsel. Get in touch with us right away and book a table!

Watch our I Care video or check out our I Care Manual where you can take a detailed look at all the safety measures we have in place to ensure your safety.