FAQs for Regency Tiruttani by GRT Hotels

1. How can I book “Regency Tiruttani by GRT Hotels”?

You can book it easily by visiting www.grthotels.com

2. What is the best price guarantee?

www.grthotels.com will offer you the best price.

3. What are the daily rates?

The Best Available Rates keep changing daily according to season, dates and hotel occupancy.

4. What is the early bird rate?

Rate depends on occupancy & season. It is always advisable to book as early as possible to get the maximum benefit of early bird.

5. How can I subscribe or unsubscribe from the newsletter?

You can subscribe/unsubscribe directly from the newsletter.

6. Where can I get the hotel brochure?

You can visit each hotel by visiting us at www.grthotels.com

7. Can I know the meal prices?

The meals are served either at the buffet or through a round-the-clock fixed menu. Please call the restaurant directly to check the prices and table reservation.

8. What is the check-in time?

Check-in time is 12 Noon.

9. What is the check-out time?

Check-out time is 09:00 hours

10. Do you offer accessible rooms for the differently abled?


11. Is parking available at the hotel?

Yes, Parking is available.

12. How long is the reception open for?

The reception is open 24 hours and our colleagues will be at your service day and night.

13. Can I also book breakfast online?

Only breakfast can’t be booked online However, with room we have various options including breakfast.

14. Is it possible to book spa treatment online?

No, we don’t have a spa.

15. Can I bring my pet?

We are not a pet friendly hotel. Please check with the nearby pet care center to accommodate your pet

16. Where can I see the hotel rates?

You can see our rates in our website www.grthotels.com after you fill in your stay requirements. You can also call either Central Reservation Service-CRS or the hotel directly to get availability and rates.

17. How much is the room/night?

The rates vary according to your day of stay and number of occupants. Please visit our website www.grthotels.com to check availability and exact rates.

18. Why do the cost vary from day to day?

Reservation must be made in advance to get best deal. The rates fluctuate as per hotel occupancy level.

19. Can I book two rooms of different categories?

At the moment this is not possible online without making two separate booking. If you require two different categories, you can contact our hotel directly.

20. Can I book two rooms with different occupancy?

No, unfortunately this is not possible at the moment. You will have to make two separate bookings or contact the hotel directly.

21. Is Wi-Fi available at the hotel or in the room?

Yes, we have a free/complimentary Wi-Fi available in our hotel.

22. What are the sizes of the rooms?

Superior 360sq ft. and Suite 624sq ft.

23. What is the room size for each category?

The size of the room varies with each category. Superior - 360sq ft. and Suite - 624sq ft.

24. Do you offer non-smoking rooms?

Yes, we have both smoking and non-smoking rooms.

25. Do you offer separate rates for children?

Yes, only children above 10 years of age will be charged.

26. Can I use the spa area even if I am not staying in your hotel?

No, we don't have a Spa in the hotel.

27. Can I use the spa area after checking-out?

No, we don't have a Spa in the hotel.

28. Do you offer pick-up service?

Yes, we have a travel desk at the hotel. Please contact the hotel for more details.

29. Can I have breakfast or dinner even if I am not staying in your hotel?

Yes, restaurant is available for non in-house guest too. Please make a prior booking to avoid any hassle.

30. Are special requests manageable?

You can leave your special requests in the comment column at time of booking or you can call or write to hotel to accommodate at its best.

31. Where can I get a copy of my invoice after departure?

You can get it during checkout at the reception.

32. What should I do, if I’ve lost or forgotten something in my room?

Please contact the hotel directly. Our rooms are cleaned daily, so that your item probably has been found by our housekeeping team & kept with Lost and found department

33. Where is “Regency Tiruttani by GRT Hotels” located?

Regency Tiruttani is located at Mahalakshmi Nagar, Tiruttani.

34. How do I contact the hotel directly?

Please call at 89398-41922.

35. Can I reserve a table at the restaurant?

Please call at 89398-41922 to book your table.

36. How do I know if the rooms are available to book?

The date selection from our website www.grthotels.com will direct you to the rate availability page, which means the rooms are available to book.

37. How can I see the different rates?

You will receive different rates depending on your date of stay, detail of room type and number of occupants.

38. How many rooms can I book at once?

For each reservation you can book upto 3 rooms online. If you require more rooms, please contact our hotel directly.

39. How can I see which features are included in the price?

A detailed overview will be shown beneath the rate grid, if you check on the rate or category. The rate description will show every included service.

40. Can I book without credit card?

No, rooms cannot be booked without an advance payment.

41. For how many people can I make a reservation?

Maximum occupancy per room is 03 people. You can book limited rooms online. For group booking please contact us directly.

42. Are booking for groups possible online?

Maximum occupancy per room is 03 people. You can book limited rooms online. For group booking please contact us directly.

43. Is my credit card being charged at the time of booking?

Yes, your credit card is being charged at the time of booking if you select it as the mode of payment.

44. Which credit or debit cards are accepted?

We accept all major cards except American express.

45. How can I change my reservation?

You can go to online portals directly for managing your booking.

46. How can I cancel my reservation?

You can go to online portals directly for managing your booking.

47. By when do I have to cancel my booking, if I have to?

Cancellations are permitted by 6.00 pm within 24.00 hours prior to arrival. You can not cancel prepaid reservations. Please contact hotel directly.

48. What are the terms and conditions for booking?

Please refer our hotel website under reservation clause for more detailed T&C, child policy and hotel policy etc. Valid Govt ID and address proof is required at time of check-in. Every reservation has to be guaranteed through valid credit card to hold reservation beyond 6 pm.

49. Why did I not receive a booking confirmation?

Please contact us at 044-27880234.

50. Can I check-in without my reservation number?

Yes, you can check-in without your reservation number if you have other details of your booking with you.

51. Can I cancel only certain part of my reservation?

Based on our cancellation policy you may amend the booking online.

52. What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellations are permitted by 6.00 pm within 24.00 hours prior to arrival. You can not cancel those prepaid reservations, please contact hotel directly.

53. Can I reserve a room without paying an initial deposit?

A room can be reserved only by paying the full amount as per the requirement.

54. How do I get to your hotel?

Please visit our website www.grthotels.com, where you will get location and direction in formation both.

55. Can I change the date of my reservation?

Based on the amendment and cancellation policy you may change the date of your reservation online.

56. Does your hotel or resort have a swimming pool?

No, we don't have a swimming pool.

57. Does your hotel or resort have a restaurant?

Yes, we have a restaurant.

58. Does your hotel or resort have a bar?

No, we don't have a bar.

59. Can I extend my stay?

Based on the availability of rooms, you can extend your stay.

60. Does my booking have breakfast included?


61. Do you provide complimentary breakfast along with the booking?


62. Is there any special discount available?

www.grthotels.com will offer you the best discounted rates.

63. Can we consume alcohol in the hotel or resort?

Alcohol can be consumed in the rooms only.

64. Do I need to carry my government id proof at the time of check-in?

It is mandatory to produce original Govt ID for contact, age and address proof at time of check-in. Hotel reserves rights to cancel your booking for non producing the proof.

65. Do you have laundry service in your hotel or resort?

Yes, we have a laundry service.

66. My credit or debit card number is correct, but the hotel is not accepting it, why?

Please get in touch with hotel directly.

67. Is the room rate per person or per night?

It is on per night basis and price will increase when you add more guest to the booking.

68. How do I update my guest information online?

While making the booking, you will be requested to update the information.

69. I am having trouble making an online web reservation, Is there a toll-free number I can call for help?

Please call us at Toll free - 1800 425 55 00.

70. Am I required to enter my credit card number online to book a reservation?

Credit card is required to guarantee your reservation and our payment gateway is secured. If you made non guarantee booking, please call hotel directly to give card number over phone.

71. Is your reservation process secure?

Yes, our reservation process is secure but you may also use Net banking, EMI, Wallets, UPI and BHIM option to avoid usage of Credit Card.

72. Do I need an account to make a reservation online?

No, you don’t need an account to make online reservation

73. Where can I find maps and driving directions to my hotel?

You can find the maps & driving directions on Google Maps.

74. How do I request an early check-in?

Please call us at 044-27880234/ 89398-41922.

75. How do I request late check-out with the hotel?

Please speak to our reception team for late check-out requirement during your stay with us.

76. Will I be charged for extra guests occupying my room?


77. Is there a minimum age requirement to reserve a hotel room?

Yes, guest who is coming to stay should be an adult however he or she can take their kids along.

78. What happens if my plans change and I forget to change or cancel my reservation?

This will be treated as no-show and retention will be charged as per hotel cancellation policy.

79. What if I arrive earlier or plan to leave earlier than I originally expected?

Please call us at 044-27880234/ 89398-41922

80. Can I request an early check-in or late check-out?

Please call us at 044-27880234/ 89398-41922

81. Do you have a Gym?

Yes, we do have a Gym